HVAC incentive offering

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems have a major impact on energy usage. Proper selection, installation, operation and maintenance of HVAC systems can yield substantial energy savings, help control seasonal spikes in energy usage and improve comfort and air quality in your commercial or industrial setting. We're offering a $250/ton incentive toward the purchase of qualified systems.

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HVAC Incentive

Standard incentives for HVAC equipment are open to all commercial and industrial customers of TVA and its local power companies subject to eligibility requirements and funding availability. Pre-approval IS NOT required before you purchase or install new HVAC units. The final incentive payment is based on actual installed equipment.

  • Application must be sent within 60 days of the HVAC unit(s) installation date based on required invoices and spec sheets uploaded to Online Application (OLA).

  • This incentive is accessible through the Preferred Partners Network (PPN) only.

  • An estimated completion date will be entered in the OLA. Customer will receive application approval communication with an estimated incentive. Equipment may be purchased prior to the approval communication. Spec sheets are required to be uploaded with the OLA. Once installed, equipment invoices must be submitted within 30 days.

Funding is still available for 2022

Ready to make your workplace safer and improve the comfort and air quality in your commercial or industrial setting? All of our incentives are subject to approval by TVA and your LPC and are contingent upon available funding. And we have great news: Funding is still available for 2022.

What's eligible?

If the equipment you wish to install is not displayed in the tables below, it does not qualify for an incentive. Contact the operations center at 866-233-0450 for more information.



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Please contact our energy advisors at (866) 233-0450 or email .

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In order to apply for this incentive, you must work with a Preferred Partners Network member. All you need to do is Request Expert Solutions or Find a Contractor.

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