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Ready to explore energy solutions for your facility, but not sure where to start? Simply complete the form below to have multiple trusted contractors in our Preferred Partners Network (PPN) review & respond to your project request. They will help you find the best energy solution for you and provide access to program incentives, if applicable. Whether you’re adopting the latest electric technologies, making major upgrades or minor repairs, we can help connect you to the contractors with the expertise your project requires.
If you prefer to search and select a contractor directly from our Preferred Partners Network, the filters available on our Find a Contractor page will guide your selection quicker.

Just fill out the form below.

We can help connect you to contractors who have expertise specific to your needs—so you can start making progress towards your energy goals.

Requests are not limited to current program offerings and not all responses will offer solutions that are eligible for incentives. Therefore please discuss your incentive options with a member of the Preferred Partners Network.

Why are we asking for this information? Because sharing your estimated budget helps PPN members determine whether or not they’re well-suited to support your project. Some of our Preferred Partners work on large-scale jobs, some excel at mid-size projects, while others specialize in smaller repairs. Your estimated project budget will help us match you with the right contractors for your job.

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