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Compressed Air Training & Support

Compressed air compressors—they’re energy-intensive and costly. With the right energy management practices, industries typically lower those costs by 15-25%. This two-part program consisting of virtual training and on site support is designed to help industry customers with the training and guidance to do just that.

Two steps to compressed air savings: learn it, then apply it.

For all facility engineers, operators, maintenance staff and other TVA-territory industry customers—this offering consists of two free online training sessions, followed by support from TVA EnergyRight through the completion of a compressed air savings project at your site. These classes, manuals and on site support are valued at over $3,000 alone, but a typical industrial site could save around $15,000 in annual energy costs once these lessons are implemented.

1. Take the free introductory training course

This online course is designed for industrial customers with compressed air systems 100 HP and greater. You’ll learn how to optimize your compressed air systems and significantly reduce your expenses. Plus, training participants can earn 0.7 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).


In two 4-hour sessions, learn how to…

  • Calculate the energy cost of compressed air in your facility.

  • Improve compressed air system efficiency and reliability.

  • Identify inappropriate uses of compressed air.

  • Establish a baseline by which they can measure improvements in compressed air performance and efficiency.

  • Match system supply to actual production requirements for pressure and flow.

  • Find and fix leaks.

  • Establish a leak prevention program.

  • Better control compressed air to improve productivity and profitability.

2. Apply your learnings with on site project support from us

Turn your learnings into cost savings. After you complete the course, we’ll help you make energy efficiency improvements to your compressed air system by sending a compressed air systems expert on site to identify big opportunities and calculate your potential cost savings. We’ll offer guidance on things like eliminating waste, reducing the PSI and reprogramming on and off time.

Ready to get started?

Training courses will be held quarterly over the coming months. See if the next course works for you through the form below. But hurry! *Attendance is limited to 30 people per class.

Register for training

*Due to class size limits, a maximum of 3 personnel per site can register per class.

Looking for more information?

This course will be taught by a certified instructor through the Compressed Air Challenge. The content will be the “Level 1 Fundamentals” course, which you can learn more about here:

Compressed Air Challenge
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