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EV Fast Charger Program

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is building partnerships with state agencies, local power companies and third-party developers to create a foundational network of public fast charging stations along major travel routes in its seven-state region. The program is designed to fund and support charging station ownership and installation by local power companies (LPCs). The shared goal is increasing the number of consumers choosing EVs in the area, and enabling long-distance travel by EV drivers throughout the southeast.

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Fast Charging Network Program Overview

Growing Adoption of Electric Vehicles 

Growing adoption of EVs presents significant opportunities for TVA, local power companies (LPCs), and Valley consumers and businesses.

  • EVs offer numerous benefits to TVA and our stakeholders, including: 
    • Economic development – local investment and expansion of regional manufacturing
    • Environmental – reduced emissions from transportation
    • Financial – reinvestment of fuel costs in the local economy  
    • Growth – off-peak electricity sales
  • Lack of a public EV charging infrastructure is recognized as one of the key barriers to increased EV adoption. Consumers considering an EV purchase often cite this “range anxiety” as a reason for not moving forward.

Valley Wide Fast Charging Network  

TVA envisions a fast charging network across designated interstates and major highway corridors of the multi-state TVA service territory. EV drivers would be able to rely on this network to confidently travel throughout the region.

  • In accordance with fast charging guidelines of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), fast charging stations will be located no more than 50 miles apart along this network.  
  • To accomplish the objective of placing charging stations every 50 miles or less, approximately 80 sites throughout the TVA region will be required. These sites could host approximately 200 fast charging stations. 
  • Given LPCs’ core responsibilities and position within the local community, they are well-positioned to operate and maintain fast charging stations.

Network Development Approach

TVA has designated funding to support LPCs with building, owning, operating and maintaining the fast charging network. TVA is also working with state agencies to arrange additional funding programs for LPCs. 

  • TVA engaged a group of representative LPCs to assess and consider various aspects of the network program, including design features of the fast charging stations. These details included charging equipment, site features such as lighting and security, and overall network visual design.
  • TVA will provide various program resources, such as technical specifications, guidelines and more to assist LPCs and help ensure a consistent consumer experience across the Valley.  

Timing of Deployment

Development of the fast charging network, including engagement with the LPCs will launch in 2021. TVA anticipates being substantially complete with installation by 2026.

Program Details

EV Charging Infrastructure Contract

LPCs participating in the fast charging infrastructure program will either enter into a program contract with TVA or a comparable grant program contract with a partnering state agency. Further program details and requirements will be provided to potential participants at a later time.

Next steps


TVA is finalizing program materials

  • Request for Information (RFI) in process
  • Program materials to assist LPCs with development
TVA will engage interested and targeted LPCs for network participation

  • Focus on filling gaps and optimizing various funding sources
  • First Round” Summer 2021

As LPCs indicate interest in participating, customer delivery will coordinate with the LPC and program staff.

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