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Harness the power of your home’s energy.

Our free one-hour Home Energy Workshop equips you with all the know-how you need to save energy, lower your utility bills and live more comfortably.

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Homeowners and renters have questions. We’ve got answers.

What uses the most energy in your home? What repairs or upgrades around the house will make the biggest impact on your energy bills? What DIY projects can you tackle yourself? We dig into all that and more during our free Home Energy Workshop brought to you by participating local power companies across the region. The more you know about how your home energy works, the more you can take charge of your home’s energy efficiency.

Ready to request a free one-hour Home Energy Workshop for your organization or business? Click the green link below to request a workshop, or email to learn more. We’ll contact your local power company representative to coordinate a workshop in your area.

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Who can request a Home Energy Workshop?

If you’re a representative of a local business or organization, just click the green link below to request a workshop.

All workshops are organized, hosted and led by representatives from TVA EnergyRight and participating local power companies. Once we receive your request form, a TVA EnergyRight representative will get in touch with your local power company to coordinate next steps.

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Who can participate in a Home Energy Workshop?

Anyone in AL, GA, KY, MS, NC, TN or VA served by one of TVA’s 153 local power company partners can join! The goal is to give communities and residents the tools they need to make their homes more energy efficient.

Our Home Energy Workshop is great events for rotary clubs, local libraries, nonprofit organizations, junior leagues and other community groups, chambers of commerce and more. Not sure if your area is eligible?


What’s included in the workshop?

We want residents to leave every workshop feeling informed and empowered to make smart choices about their energy use at home. Each workshop covers:

• What’s driving your energy costs
• How to save energy
• Demonstrations of low- and no-cost energy-saving techniques

Plus, each workshop participant receives a Home Energy-Saving Starter Kit, which includes items like LED bulbs, caulk, spray foam, weatherstripping and light switch gaskets.


How long is the workshop?

Workshops are one hour and take place in person.

Eye Spy Energy Kids’ Workshop in a classroom

Is there an energy workshop for kids?

Yes! Go on an energy adventure with Zap, Bolt and the rest of the EnergyRight Monsters. For grades K-5, we offer our in-person or virtual Eye Spy Energy Kids’ Workshop. With the help of adorable monster friends, students learn all about energy-saving habits that help save money around the house. We also offer printable coloring sheets and Eye Spy Energy mini-kits filled with games, stickers and other activities.

Learn about the Eye Spy Energy Kids’ Workshop

Is there an energy workshop for teens?

Yes! We offer a free, virtual and interactive energy education workshop that empowers students to reduce their environmental impact by becoming smarter energy consumers.

Learn about the Energy Evolution Workshop

Where can I access more home energy-saving resources?

For tons of other great home energy-saving services and resources, go to From there, you can schedule a Home Energy Evaluation, find a trustworthy contractor, get a Quick Quote on a home energy project, use the EnergyRight Marketplace to compare ratings and prices on energy efficient appliances and electronics, and so much more.

Find more ways to save energy and money at home
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I know a household who may be struggling to pay their utility bills. Is there an assistance program I can share with them?

Absolutely. Start here for more information on the federally funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). TVA EnergyRight also offers the Home Uplift program in select areas to help homeowners make important home energy upgrades that save them money and improve the comfort of their home.

Ready to help residents in your area make their homes more energy efficient?