We believe in uplifting lives.

Residential / Home Uplift

Home Uplift at work

TVA EnergyRight’s Home Uplift program isn’t just about helping people make the home energy upgrades that will save money on their monthly bills. It’s about creating the changes that improve the quality of life.

  • Improving overall health. Homes that are well-heated and insulated help reduce colds and sickness.
  • Helping people take their place in their communities. Those who live a healthy, comfortable life at home miss less days of work and school than those who are battling issues due to challenging living conditions.
  • Securing the comfort of home for seniors. Home Uplift helps seniors age in place in their homes—comfortably and safely.

Home Uplift is only offered in select areas at this time. We are working to offer it more broadly across the Valley in the near future.

“Since they completed the work, my bill has gone down about $100 per month. I can’t thank everyone enough. This is such a blessing.”

Beverly Truett, Home Uplift participant in Nashville