EnergyRight partners with your local power company to offer a variety of incentives your business may be eligible for to offset some of the costs associated with energy upgrade projects.

Two types of financial incentives—standard and customer incentives—are available to Valley businesses.

Standard incentives

Standard incentives are open to businesses and industries making eligible energy upgrades as long as funding is available. Discover incentives offered for smart energy technologies below.

Custom incentives

For all commercial and industrial projects not included under the standard incentive offering, custom incentives may be available for businesses that meet the eligibility requirements.

  • Custom incentives
    •  Industry
      • Add electric process – up to $0.10/kWh
        • Examples include induction melting and treating, infrared curing and drying, electric resistance process heating, and ultraviolet curing
      • Add new production – up to $0.10/kWh
      • Additional compressed air load – up to $0.10/kWh
    • Agricultural
      • Install new electrical equipment (irrigation, aeration, fans) – up to $0.10/kWh
      • Convert Diesel to electric — up to $0.10/kWh

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