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In partnership with your local power company we are offering financial incentives on qualifying equipment purchases to help you reach your energy goals.

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Indoor Agriculture

Growing food crops indoors means no insects, fewer chemicals, faster growing speeds and year-round growth. We have incentives for pod/container farms at $25/sq foot and vertical farms/warehouses at $40/ton of air conditioning.

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Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation uses short wavelength UV-C light to inactivate microorganisms and bacteria. TVA offers incentives at $30/ton for duct-mounted UVGI systems, accessible through the PPN.

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Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts have lower operating costs, require less maintenance and are quieter and more maneuverable. We offer incentives of $2,000 toward the purchase of electric forklifts and $1,000 toward an electric forklift lease.

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Dual fuel heat pumps and variable refrigerant flow systems with variable speed compressors can yield energy savings, help control seasonal spikes and improve comfort and air quality. We offer a $250/ton HVAC incentive toward the purchase of qualified systems.

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LED Lighting

Making the switch to LED interior lights is more affordable with an incentive of $0.03/kWh towards energy efficient LED upgrades. PPN members utilize the PPEC Lighting tool to share information about your project that can make it easier to forecast your energy savings.

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