Saving energy and money is as easy as the flip of a switch.

From everyday lifestyle changes to large-scale home energy upgrades, TVA EnergyRight’s energy education and advice is here to help you improve your home energy.

Everyday lifestyle changes.

Tips and tricks to make your home more energy efficient.

  • Close your curtains and blinds during the day.

  • Run the dishwasher only when it’s full.

  • Wash clothes in cold water, using a high spin cycle.

  • Turn off water when it’s not in use.

  • Turn off lights when you can.

  • Replace the HVAC air filter every month.

Weekend updates.

Easy-to-do weekend updates you can quickly check off your list.

Reset your thermostat

Set it to 78F in the summer and 68F in the winter.

Pull the fridge away from the wall

This helps the air properly circulate.

Weatherstrip leaky doors and windows

Seal air leaks and save money on utility bills.

Adjust the water heater

Lower your water heater temperature to 120F.

Reset your fridge temperature

Set the fridge to 35-38F and the freezer to 0-5F.

Install a smart power strip

When a device is in standby mode, power is cut off so you save energy and cost.

Watch and learn.

Our Home Energy Advisors share insights on how you can start tackling energy-saving projects yourself.

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Insulation Makes a Difference.

How insulation makes a difference, especially in your attic.

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Keeping It Indoors.

Weatherstripping and caulking keeps what's inside, inside.

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Check Your Ducts.

Keep the air inside.

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Change Your Filters.

Make it a monthly tradition.

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Switch to LED Bulbs.

More light for less money.

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Insulate Your Outlets.

A little fix for a big difference.

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Kick It Up a Degree.

Find a setting that keeps you and your bills comfortable.

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Unobstructed Vents.

Improve your air circulation.

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Find the Right Water Heater.

What to look for when selecting your next water heater.

Smart energy investments.

Energy-saving investments that call for some extra planning — and a helping hand.

Install a smart thermostat

Create automatic temperature settings based on your personal needs.

Upgrade your water heater

New models are more efficient than standard ones.

Upgrade home insulation

Attic and basement wall insulation keeps heat from escaping.

Upgrade to a heat pump

Install an energy efficient heat pump.

Upgrade your windows

Insulate your home and stay comfortable year round.

Look for leaky ducts

Find and repair leaks in your air ducts.

Tackle these projects with a trusted member of our Quality Contractor Network and have confidence through our free inspections that your job gets done right.

Helpful energy-saving tools.

Go deeper into how to make your home more energy efficient with our collection of downloadable upgrade sheets.

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