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Reducing your carbon emissions.

We’re making it easier for our industry partners to reduce carbon emissions and achieve corporate sustainability goals. We’re also helping small businesses make energy-wise decisions that help the environment. Together, we can make our region cleaner and safer for the people who live and work here.

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Helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

In partnership with local power companies, we’re providing the guidance and tools businesses need to lower emissions.


Why is electrification beneficial? Because electricity is increasingly produced from low-carbon sources such as wind, hydro, biogas and solar, it’s cleaner than ever before. Switching from technologies that require fossil fuels to those that use electricity improves sustainability, lowers harmful carbon emissions and helps your company save money in the long run.


We have some good news: making sure that your systems are operating at peak efficiency is easier than you think. Our contractor partners are energy efficiency experts and they’re ready to help you find the best ways to achieve your energy goals. Saving energy is good for your business — and the environment.

My Energy Advisor

Take control of your energy use and save money with our free and easy-to-use energy management tools. Create a personalized energy dashboard, benchmark your company’s energy use against your competitors and access all of your energy metrics in one place.


From 50001 Ready, which provides self-paced guidance for facilities to establish a strategic energy management system, to LEED certification tracking, EnergyRight helps businesses and industries in the Valley stay on top of the latest energy-savings technologies and business systems.

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As an innovation leader, we’re helping businesses save money and achieve their sustainability goals.

Find answers to your energy questions any time, day or night. Create a personalized dashboard and start saving with My Energy Advisor.

Your trusted energy advisor.

In partnership with your local power company, TVA EnergyRight Business & Industry offers the guidance, tools and resources you need to make smart energy decisions. Because it’s our shared mission to help make life better for the people who live and work in our region, we’re working together to help businesses and communities build for a stronger future.

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