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From spooky HVACs to chilling drafts, our Home Energy Advisors have seen it all. Get an in-person or virtual Home Energy Evaluation to get scary good energy and money-saving recommendations.

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What’s going on around here?

When every house in the small town of Melliston seems to be haunted, it’s time to call Hank the Home Energy Advisor.



Schedule your Home Energy Evaluation.

Don’t let questions about your home’s energy haunt you. Schedule an in-person or virtual Home Energy Evaluation for frighteningly helpful tips to boost your home’s energy efficiency and save you money. (Ghostbusting not included.)

What to expect with your Home Energy Evaluation.

Choose an in-person or virtual Home Energy Evaluation. Our Home Energy Advisors will guide you through the rest.

  • Call us at 1-855-237-2673 or click the button above to register your home and schedule your evaluation.
  • For virtual evaluations, at your scheduled time, you’ll receive a unique web link to connect with your TVA-certified Home Energy Advisor.
  • Your Home Energy Advisor will either virtually guide you through your home using your smartphone or, if you’re doing an in-person evaluation, they’ll know just where to get started.
  • You stay in full control of the evaluation. Whether you’re doing an in-person or virtual evaluation, our advisors will only go where you give them access. 
  • At the end of your evaluation, you’ll receive a customized efficiency report, six LED lightbulbs and a Home Depot gift card via mail for your participation.

Haunted house or home energy headache?

Time to call Hank the Home Energy Advisor

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Draft Party

A lovely dinner party with friends—what could go wrong? But when candles start flickering and curtains start blowing . . . well, maybe the haunted house rumors are true after all. Can Hank help these new homeowners figure out what the bluster is all about?

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Lights Out

Dave’s convinced there’s something in the attic. How else does that light keep turning itself off? But Hank isn’t so sure. Will Dave’s virtual Home Energy Evaluation uncover the truth about the mysterious lightbulb? 

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In a Fog

Mark knows he’s got drafty doors and windows in his home. But during his virtual Home Energy Evaluation with Hank, he sees something...not right. Is there more than a draft trying to find its way in?

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All Eyes on You

When Jerry tells his wife he’s been hearing odd noises around the house, she brushes him off. Is he onto something though? Can Hank find the source of the creepy sounds and put Jerry’s fears to rest, or will Hank find something else altogether terrifying?

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Hey, what’s that noise? Who turned off the light? And where is that breeze coming from? Can Hank give homeowners any suggestions to make it all stop?

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Cool Your Jets

Like something out of the movies, Amanda's shower seems to have turned against her. It won’t stop blasting hot water. When Hank reaches out to complete her virtual Home Energy Evaluation, will he be able to get Amanda out of hot water?

father and son in kitchen
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