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Learn how your home uses energy and uncover energy-saving opportunities—all through your smartphone. Our virtual Home Energy Evaluations make it easy to get one-on-one advice. Plus, you’ll get a custom report full of ways to start lowering your home’s energy use. Call 1-855-237-2673 to schedule.

Try a virtual evaluation

What to expect during a virtual evaluation.

It can be stressful inviting someone in your home. We help make the process convenient, safe and enjoyable. 
Pick a time that works for you. Call 1-855-237-2673 to schedule.
Getting connected is easy. Your virtual Home Energy Advisor will send you a unique URL to log into at the time of your appointment.
Explore how your home uses energy.
Your advisor will guide you room by room, talking through the places around your home that impact your energy use.
Stay in control of the experience.
We don’t mind messes one bit—but you can pause your audio or video any time if there are parts of your home you’d rather hide.
Get customized energy advice.
After your evaluation, you’ll get a report with recommendations for ways to start saving more energy. 

Energy projects for a more efficient home.

When your home uses energy efficiently, it’s a more comfortable place to be. Keeping these key areas up-to-date can help keep your energy use in check:


Annual check-ups help ensure your AC is healthy and ready to last all season long.


Framing and caulking deteriorate over time. We can assess these things and help keep you home air-tight.


Outdated insulation is thinner and decays faster. The newer stuff is way more effective against the heat.

What neighbors across the Valley are saying.

“[It] was great! It was nice to have someone look at our issues and recommend fixes. We’ve already implemented a few of his suggestions! I would definitely tell other friends about this program!”

Nashville, TN Homeowner

“He was very informative and I learned a lot of things that I had no previous knowledge of. I’m glad that this program exists and that I had such a great, friend, informative, and warming experience with my evaluator.”

Fayetteville, TN Homeowner

“It was really simple and worked well with my schedule. The Virtual Home Energy Evaluation will help my husband and I make better decisions around heating and cooling our house.”

Nashville, TN Homeowner

Find the help you need with your home energy projects.

TVA partners with your local power company to help with your home’s energy needs. Whether you’re looking for DIY project guidance or you need a professional you can trust, we’ve got you covered.