Oregon Seed Company Saves Water and Power

Agriculture, Case Study, Pumps and motors, Variable-frequency drives (VFDs)

Roselawn Seed Inc., located in Canby, Oregon, uses an irrigation system that was originally designed in the 1970s. After upgrading to new, low-pressure wheel lines from old, high-pressure water guns in an effort to save water, owner Ed Rose discovered that he had to run unnecessary equipment just to keep the pressure from building up and opening the bypass valve. The solution was to install a 100-horsepower variable-frequency drive (VFD) to adjust water pressure as needed based on the application. Because the pump no longer needs to run at full capacity all the time, the VFD installation resulted in significant electricity bill savings—roughly $2,300 per year—in addition to a reduction in water use and reduced wear and tear on the irrigation system. With dramatic energy savings and financial incentives from his electric utility, Rose was able to recoup his up-front costs in just over three years.

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