New York Fashion Warehouse Saves Energy and Money with Lighting Upgrades

Ballasts, Case Study, CFLs, Exterior lighting, Metal halide lighting, Warehousing and storage

Petruccelli International, a distributor of New York fashion products, now saves more than $4,000 a year in energy in its 50,000-square-foot warehouse, thanks to several efficiency upgrades. Many of these improvements involved the building’s lighting. Old T12 fluorescent lighting with magnetic ballasts was replaced with T8 lamps and electronic ballasts in the offices, conference room, and restrooms. All exit signs were upgraded to compact fluorescent lamps, and exterior lights were put on timers. In addition, the warehouse, showroom, and manufacturing ship now use both metal halide and high-pressure sodium fixtures. The metal halide lamps are more efficient, but the high-pressure sodium fixtures provide better color rendering. Using both can help to achieve good color while also reducing energy use compared to using all high-pressure sodium fixtures. Also, the forced-air heating system was replaced with radiant heaters, which heat bodies directly instead of heating a lot of air that goes unused as it simply floats up to the warehouse’s high ceilings. Finally, plastic strip curtains cover large loading doors to help reduce air infiltration and loss. The savings generated from these measures produced a 4.4-year simple payback.

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