Nationwide Retail Chain Puts an Emphasis on Efficiency

Case Study, Lighting, Metal halide lighting, Retail, Rooftop units (RTUs), Variable-frequency drives (VFDs)

Retail chain Kohl’s has certainly earned its status as a leader in saving energy. More than 50 percent of the company’s store portfolio performs in the top 25 percent of its peers in the retail market, according to its Energy Star efficiency ratings. Implementing energy management strategies and technologies has helped Kohl’s save more than $50 million in electricity costs over four years and has improved its energy efficiency by more than 20 percent. In addition to implementing low- and no-cost operations and maintenance measures, several specific initiatives were undertaken. More than 1,200 variable-frequency drives were installed on rooftop air conditioners at 150 stores, producing a two-year payback. More than 800 light fixtures at 100 stores were converted from 88 watts to 55 watts, which produced a three-year payback. And 3,000 metal halide fixtures were replaced with T8 fluorescent ones in four distribution centers, producing a two-year payback. To ensure continued savings and performance, Kohl’s uses energy management systems in all of its stores to set equipment schedules and cycle fans to reduce demand charges, and the company tracks its energy bills to verify savings.

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