Maine Dairy Farm Improves Efficiency Through Ventilation

Case Study, Dairy Farms, Variable-frequency drives (VFDs), Ventilation and air handling

Gold Top Farm, a family farm in Knox, Maine, realized substantial monetary savings and a number of other non-energy benefits just by improving its ventilation. Savings are estimated to be around $8,000 per year, and incentives from the local electric utility helped to ensure that the farm achieved these savings with a short simple-payback period. Before the upgrade, the 375 cows in the barn would group together under the fan to stay cool in the summer, resulting in heat stress that reduced their overall health, productivity, and reproduction. In the winter, the heat from the cows, combined with poor ventilation, created condensation that damaged the roof. By installing three large, slow-moving fans with built-in variable-frequency drives that can each move up to 246,000 cubic feet of air per minute, Gold Top Farm was able to reduce maintenance and increase the health and productivity of its cows, all while taking a big chunk out of the utility bill.

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