Energy Audit at Massachusetts Hotel Results in 64,177 kWh Savings

Case Study, CFLs, Exterior lighting, Hotels and motels

The Williams Inn in Williamstown, Massachusetts, is a small, upscale hotel with a relaxing atmosphere. After receiving an energy audit and lighting assessment from his local utility, the hotel owner implemented a number of energy-efficiency measures that resulted in annual energy savings of 64,177 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and a simple payback of less than two months, thanks in part to utility rebates. Measures taken include a full redesign of outdoor lighting in compliance with the requirements of a neighboring observatory, the replacement of incandescent lighting with compact fluorescent lamps inside guest rooms, and the installation of interval electricity meters and submeters to monitor peak energy usage throughout the hotel. By submetering his facilities, the owner was able to identify the areas and times when more energy was being consumed and use this information to inform his hotel’s operations, maintenance, and upgrades scheduling where possible.

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