An Indoor Agriculture Facility Lowers Electricity Use by 30% with LEDs

Agribusiness, Case Study, Indoor agriculture

In 2017 the energy consultancy Cadmus monitored two similar flower rooms at an indoor cultivation facility in Sacramento, California. One room used 1,000-watt (W) high-pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures for every 16–25 square feet of planting area. The facility equipped the other room with 595 W horticultural LED fixtures. The monitoring period lasted about 135 days. The study noted the following savings from the LED fixtures as compared to the HPS system:

  • Overall energy savings of 30%
  • Lighting energy savings of 36%
  • Overall demand savings of 34%
  • Lighting demand savings of 41%
  • Simple payback period of 1.7 years for the LED upgrade

The data also suggested that reduced loads in the LED room would allow for HVAC equipment downsizing compared to the HPS room. The cultivator commented that the quality of the crop grown in the LED room was excellent.

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