A Los Angeles Restaurant Saves Money and Energy with Equipment Upgrades

Case Study, Restaurants

Versailles Cuban, a family-owned restaurant in Los Angeles, replaced its cooking equipment to save energy and increase kitchen productivity. By installing energy-efficient convection ovens and a combination oven, it reduced energy consumption by 62%, compared to the old ovens. The combination oven does the work of several appliances because it can perform different cooking methods. The restaurant also bought finned-bottom pots and pans to replace its standard cookware. These increased heat transfer and decreased cook time to save Versailles 32% of gas-range cooking energy. Finally, the restaurant replaced its old fryers with ENERGY STAR fryers and a fryer with integrated oil filtration. It eliminated one fryer on the line because cooks could use the combination oven for some tasks instead. With all the fryer upgrades, fryer energy consumption fell by 73%. Overall, Versailles saved $6,370 in annual energy costs. It also received $5,396 in rebates from California for these upgrades.

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