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TVA EnergyRight partners with your local power company to help with your home’s energy needs. Whether you’re looking for ways to lower your energy use or you’ve got a job to get done⁠—like an HVAC repair⁠—and need a professional you can trust, we can help. 

Find a contractor

We help make the process easier from start to finish.

It can be stressful finding the right expertise for your home projects. We help give you confidence that you⁠—and your home⁠—are in good hands. 
Find a contractor you can trust.
Our Quality Contractor Network is vetted by us and rated by homeowners like you.
We ensure a quality job.
Once a contractor finishes your job, we can inspect the work for free.
We advocate for you too.
If the work doesn’t meet our standards, we work with the contractor until it’s right. 
You can pay at a comfortable pace.
If you need help tackling a project, our financing options could work for you.

Help your home keep its cool in the heat.

When it’s hot out, homes use more energy to stay cool. Looking into these three things can help keep your energy use in check this summer. 


Most HVAC failures happen in the summer. Have a QCN member perform a maintenance check on yours.


Updated caulking and framing help keep your AC inside and the hot air outside.


Outdated insulation is thinner and decays faster. The newer stuff is way more effective against the heat.

What neighbors across the Valley are saying.

“I don’t want just anyone walking through my door. It’s important for me to hire a contractor with authenticity and I trust Nashville Electric and TVA.
 It matters to me having that trust.”

Nashville, TN Homeowner

“It saved me a ton of money as I was able to fix the problem myself due to the expert advice given to me from the advisor rather than calling and paying an HVAC company.”

Decatur, AL Homeowner

“Using a TVA-vetted contractor through efficiency score changed everything. Finally, someone I can trust. I’ll never go to Craigslist for a contractor again.”

Memphis, TN Homeowner

Assess your home’s energy health virtually.

Our Energy Advisors guide you through a room-by-room tour of your home’s energy use—so you can learn about your energy savings potential right from your phone.