Did you know that by 2030, nearly one-quarter of all cars and light trucks on the road will be EVs, which includes hybrids and fully electric vehicles.

Choosing the right charger for your vehicle may seem overwhelming. We’re here to make it simple. Dig deeper into the following resources and learn more about how to get a charger installed for your EV.

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Contact your local power company or use these available services.

In addition, your Local Power Company is a great resource for any questions you have about electric vehicles and chargers.

One of the biggest features to owning an EV is understanding the differences in charging stations.

Here are three basic types of electric vehicle charging stations:

Level 1: This is the most common type of charger, but it is also the slowest. It uses a conventional 3-prong plug that can be used in any wall socket. Estimated charging time is 8-12 hours

Level 2: These EV chargers operate at least twice as fast as Level 1 chargers and provide overnight recharges. Estimated charging time is 4-6 hours with an average range of 40-60 miles per charge.

DC Fast Charging: These chargers are very high powered and are only used in public spaces (not residential). Estimated charging time is 30 minutes for an 80% charge.

Safety certifications for chargers.

From safety to environmental protection, check out our recommendations.

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